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2012 TIG Pro Bono Projects

The TIG program has helped LSC grantees use information technology to more effectively manage pro bono initiatives. Several 2012 TIGs have significant pro bono components. 


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Colorado Legal Services

Molly French, Colorado Legal Services

Mobile to provide increased access


Funding will support Colorado Legal Services' efforts to develop a mobile app that furthers pro bono recruitment and assistance. The app will allow attorneys to sign up for volunteer work, provide a checklist of items for them to understand prior to performing pro bono work, and present them with guidance to follow while assisting low-income clients. This project fits squarely within TIG's commitment to supporting pro bono engagement and the recommendations of LSC's Pro Bono Task Force.



Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut, Inc.

Kathy Daniels, Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut

Website Grants for Programs


This project will develop an Online Classroom Template that legal aid programs can use to create self-paced online courses for self-represented parties. The template will also allow for creation of substantive online courses for legal aid clients and pro bono attorneys. Organizations wishing to replicate the template will be able to utilize a special demonstration guide developed through this initiative. The template is being developed using open source technology.



Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota

David Lund, Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota

Mobile to provide increased access; Pro bono engagement


This grant will improve the effectiveness of pro bono attorneys by creating a set of mobile-optimized resources, including settlement checklists and client interview guides. These on-demand resources will support pro bono attorneys in the field who are helping low-income clients with matters outside the attorneys' usual areas of expertise.



Utah Legal Services, Inc.

Craige Harrison, Utah Legal Services

Pro Bono


Funding will support the design of a pro bono database to streamline the statewide placement of eligible pro bono clients with volunteer attorneys. The system will utilize a lawyer tracking and case matching program to be shared by all legal non-profit providers in the state. These providers will be able to input cases into the system for local committee placement.